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Video 1: How to take beautiful window lit photo of your child in 30 seconds!

Step 1 - Switch the shutter sound off. I find it too distracting and sometimes lags the camera function down. Don't forget to put it on after you take the photo!

Step 2 - Position your subject about a foot away from the window with daylight, not direct sunlight and make sure the window light ends just behind the subjects head

Step 3 - Frame the photo by moving in or out, DON'T zoom in and out! A little background is ok, just remember it is about your childs face, not the dusty book shelf!

Step 4 - Click on the eyes on the screen to focus if not already focussed, then I scroll down to darken the image so it is not over exposed

Step 5 - Click away! I always take 8-10 photos each time, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get it right with 1 click, so give yourself a break :)

Step 6 - You now have your favourite image. Photos straight out of the smartphone are flat and dull. I almost always use one of the free filters provided on the iPhone, either Vivid or Vived Cool are my favourites. They are just add a bit of "oomph" and make your images pop!