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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your photographic style?
I cover weddings in a very photo-journalistic style but I don’t think photography should be limited by a “genre.” The three things I focus on capturing are CONNECTION (between, you both, and your loved ones, REAL MOMENTS (because a wedding day has hundreds of them!) and BEAUTIFUL LIGHT (because this is what makes a photograph beautiful!). You can go to the GALLERY page to see what I mean. While I’m very discreet and unobtrusive in my coverage of the day, I do believe that there is a time and place on your wedding day for beautiful, casually posed images of the bride and groom. I also believe strongly in preserving all of the details of your wedding as this is part of what makes your day unique. My images of the guests at the wedding are almost 100% photojournalistic. I prefer to capture them laughing, smiling, dancing, drinking, and having a great time instead of looking at the camera and saying “cheese”.

Why can’t I find a price list on your website?
I can absolutely understand wanting to find pricing information without having to ask. But the reason I don’t is that I want potential clients to see if my work resonates with what they are after. Also I find with wedding photography, its not comparing apples with apples. I take great pride in what I do, the service I provide and the products clients will receive. My packages start at $2200. If you’d like to obtain package details for your wedding, simply drop me an email and I will send you all of the information that you need! I promise to respond ASAP, and I look forward to chatting more about your special day.

Do we get access to the high resolution images?
You certainly do. All of my packages include the high resolution images, ready to print in an unwatermarked format.

Do you edit all of our photographs yourself?
Yes, I do! Every image that you receive has been hand-edited, one at a time, without mass-producing the results. I prefer to do all this work myself instead of outsourcing as I have a very particular style that I adhere to, and that I want to always deliver that to my clients, every time.

Do you also provide video services?
I am trained as a photographer, and prefer to focus on your wedding photography to capture those beautiful real moments as they happen. I have worked with plenty of great videographers over the years so I am more than happy to pass on their details to you.

How many pictures will you take on the day?
The number of photographs taken depends on many things - the number of guests, hours of coverage, types of events, hours of dancing, and so forth. My rough average is that for an 8 hour wedding, I will deliver around 600 – 650 high quality finished images, but those numbers may vary depending on the day itself.

How does the album design process work?
I love producing wedding albums for clients. I can completely understand how busy life can get after you return from your honeymoon, so it is my job to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. The first step is for you both to make a time to come into my studio to go through the proofs from the day, where you choose which specific shots you would like in your album. Then I will take those images and draft up an album plan and send it to you for approval. Once you approve this, I will go through each page of the album and retouch and calibrate each image individually to make sure they work really well together. Then I send you a final electronic version to approve. This is pretty much exactly what your album will look like. On approval it is sent to the printer, then about 3 weeks later I will be in contact again to make a time for you to collect your beautiful album!

Do you take posed family photos?
Absolutely. I strongly believe in those family images, as they’re records of your entire family at an important time in their history together. It would be great if you can send me a list a week or two before the wedding day, in the form of “B,G + B’s parents” so then I can work through it on the day quickly and efficiently without having to find “Frank”. Please bear in mind that the hallmark of my coverage is journalistic and "in the moment", so a very long list of posed images will hinder my ability to cover the event in a documentary manner. Working from the list that you provide beforehand it is quick, easy, and largely informal and I try to make them pleasant and enjoyable for everyone involved! This also allows me to spend more time capturing those real moments throughout your wedding.

Can we provide you with a “shot list” or “must take pictures”?
Of course I am more than happy to do a couple of shots you saw in a magazine or on Pinterest. But remember this day is about you and your loved ones, and we can create some of the best photos and most memorable photos by simply having you enjoy your wonderful day while I capture those real moments.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed?
After assisting another wedding photographer for a few years, I started out on my own in 2009. I am loving running the business, being involved in all the different aspects of it, and offering a personalized, high quality service. And still find it an absolute pleasure and honour to share in couples wedding day! I have photographed over 300 weddings to date.

Can you hold a date for me?
Unfortunately I can’t tentatively hold a date for couples without a deposit payment and completed wedding photography contract.

What is your payment schedule?
There is a $500 deposit payment due at the time of booking, with the balance due 3 business days before the wedding date.

When should we book you for our wedding?
As soon as you decide! I tell potential couples, that if my work resonates with you, and you feel that you can imagine your day being photographed in my style, then we are a winning combination :) I do want couples to make an informed decision so it is worth seeing what other styles are around. If I can answer any specific questions that aren’t answered here, then please get in touch as I would love to connect with you.

If we’re running late, will you stay later than you were scheduled?
Of course I can! 10-15 minutes extra is of course free of charge, but anything past this is billed out at $99 per half an hour. This can all be paid when you get back from your honeymoon, so don’t worry, you wont need to rush out to the ATM on your wedding night!

Can our family and friends take pictures with their cameras?
Of course they can! It is a special occasion for them as well. I will never tell anyone to put away their camera or smartphone. Sometimes it can get difficult to get a clear view for certain shots, ie, walking down the aisle, so I might ask the celebrant/minister to ask the guests to make room for me, but that’s about it.

What other hobbies do you have apart from photography?
What are hobbies?? Haha. With 3 (adorable but energetic) little children, any time spent away from weddings is spent with them and my beautiful wife Alice. We have a fun family life with lots of walks, playing in the garden, and cooking together. Apart from that I enjoy cycling, carpentry and gardening. Yep, domestic bliss!